Don’t Get Caught Out! The switch-off of PSTN analogue connections has been postponed until the end of 2026, but now is the time to transition from outdated analogue connections to modern, faster technologies. Waiting until the last minute could result in disruptions to your internet, telephone, and fax services.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Mandatory VoIP Transition:

    After the deadline, all telephone services will be VoIP. Start the transition early to avoid losing your long-established phone numbers, as the number porting process can take over a month.

  • Upgrade with Our VoIP Solutions:

    • Better Communication: Make consecutive calls for every phone line at the same time.
    • Mobile Integration: Use a smartphone app to impersonate your desk phone on the go.
    • Advanced Call Management: Enjoy features like hunt groups, IVR, and out-of-hours settings.
    • Shared Address Books: Maintain a unified contact list across your organization.
    • Comprehensive Call Activity Tracking: Access live CDRs for all call activities.
    • Wallboard Lite: Display basic call statistics on screens.
    • Call Recording: 59-day call recording by default (can be extended).
    • Virtual Numbers: Choose from UK-wide virtual number options.
    • Voicemail to Email: Receive voicemails directly in your email inbox.
    • Music on Hold: Customize hold music options.
    • Busy Lamp Field Visibility: Monitor extension status with Hunt Group Extension Summary.
  • Additional Considerations:

    Impact on Other Services: Your alarm system, clocking-in machine, EPOS, Door Entry, CCTV or other services reliant on telephone or internet connection may also be affected. Ensure these are updated to avoid service interruptions.

By preparing now, you can ensure a smooth transition and continuous, efficient communication. Contact us today to learn more about how our VoIP telephone solutions can bring your communications into the 21st century.

Stay ahead of the change and secure your services well before the deadline!

If you would like to look into updating your Connectivity please contact the Mooncomputers Sales Team ( to organise a meeting.