Disaster Recovery



Don’t let ransomware derail your business

Ransomware attacks don’t just stop businesses in their tracks – they cost thousands to put right never mind the detrimental impact of loss of revenue and customer loyalty whilst your business gets fully operational.

Not with Mooncomputers!

We partnered with Acronis world leading Cybersecurity company, to deliver a robust Backup and Recovery service that ensures systems are brought back online in as little as an hour without breaking the budget!

What’s included?

File and disk image Backup

Backup business-critical files individually or safeguard your entire business by backing up the entire system as a single file.

Continuous data protection

Save work-in-progress across critical apps, no matter where the file is saved, so that restore data is always up to date.

20+ platforms protected

Safeguard data across physical, virtual, Cloud and mobile environments, including all the most popular hyperscalers.

Secure ransomware protection

Defend your data with built-in MI-based ransomware protection and blockchain notarisation.

Why choose Mooncomputers?

We offer real-world technology that changes business behaviour.

We offer clarity, speaking in your language with a 'can-do' attitude.

We are calm, open and transparent.

We educate and elevate those around us.

Choose from 3 package options

Data only Backup

User mailboxes, OneDrive, Teams and Sharepoint Site.


Data and Server

Full Server Backup images.


Data and Server

+ 1-hour SLA (for data restoration)

Server Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery.


Add restore cover: £30 per month

One often overlooked aspect is how the time and money required to get servers back up and running can stretch into months and thousands of pounds… £7,000+ in 2023 according to DCMS.

Subscribe to restore cover and leave this worry behind

As a major IT Manged service provider, we can also support your business with:

IT Security

Internet Access

Microsoft 365 and Teams

Managed Security

Hosted Phone Systems

Managed Cloud

Call us today on 01604 879330 and protect your business against Ransomware and Virus attacks.

Delivering value to you

Mooncomputers’ portfolio of professional Cybersecurity solutions ensure cost-effective protections across your entire IT Infrastructure and network, not only to ensure compliance to national and industry standards, but protect your crediblity too.

Our primary concern is always the performance of your business, not just your IT. If you’d like to know more about how Mooncomputers could help your organisation, then please get in touch.