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Ensuring every aspect of your online presence is safe and secure.

The entire global economy is slowly but surely moving online. As we all transition to an internet based economy, keeping that digital presence running smoothly is becoming increasingly important.

However, not every business can spare the resources for a new IT manager or may not know where to start. That’s where Mooncomputers can help.

Our engineers have decades of experience. That technical knowledge means that we can help take a load off your shoulders and manage your IT infrastructure seamlessly.

We can ensure your software stays up to date and your network performs efficiently. If the worst should happen, and you suffer an outage or hardware failure, we will make sure your disaster recovery policy is followed precisely.

Helpdesk 24/7

Whether you just need a quick answer to a simple ‘how to’ question, better deals on new hardware or just a second opinion on whether a proposed solution will work, we can help. Mooncomputers’ Managed IT Support service can answer any and all of your tech-related queries.

Managed IT Support

If your business needs a reliable, efficient connection to operate, we can take that responsibility for you and manage your network infrastructure, protecting you from over-complication and unwanted access.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

We all like to stay positive, but in the business world, sometimes you simply have to plan for the worst. Mooncomputers’ Disaster Recovery & Back-up services ensure that you stay online and your business can continue to operate despite rain, fire, theft or flood – or anything else for that matter.

Our Capabilities

Our other 3 key areas of expertise combine to offer a completely seamless solution, giving your business what it needs to succeed.

Networking and Security

Robust network management and security have become essential, even for small businesses and start-ups. Mooncomputers’ trained and supportive engineers will prevent and monitor for unauthorised access, misuse or alterations, so you’ll never have to worry about your infrastructure security ever again.

Managed Communications

In this increasingly connected world, a business’ internet connection is the foundation of their communications. From day-to-day tasks like emails to video conferencing and collaboration, Mooncomputers’ decades of experience means that no matter the size, complexity or use-case, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience for staff and customers, with room for future growth.

Managed Cloud

Cloud computing is a vital aspect of staying agile in a digital-first economy. Mooncomputers’ highly trained supportive engineers will deliver a tailored solution to your requirements, enabling you to be more flexible and cut costs. Whether it’s a back-up of all your confidential data, or sharing data and files with your home workers, we can help.

What our customers say:

Delivering value to you

Mooncomputers' highly professional IT support staff can help you fix any issues in a timely manner, to ensure you maximise the possibilities of your IT environment.

Our primary concern is always the performance of your business, not just your IT. If you want to know more about Mooncomputers, and how we can help your organisation, then get in touch today.