You should NEVER use both your email address and email password for a login to any other site or service. this can allow cybercriminals to be able to change the username and passwords of these accounts.

Use complex passwords:


This password “takemymoney” would take less than 10 seconds to crack.


This password “#t4k3-my_m0n3y#” would take 28 years to crack.


This password “@‌tw3nty-cHaract3rs#@” would take 177 years to crack.

Passwords should:

  • Be an absolute minimum of 8 characters.
  • Include UPPER and lower case letters, Numb3rs and $ymbols e.g. @‌tw3nty-cHaract3rs#@.

Passwords should never:

  • Never be your birthdate for any pin number based login.
  • Never be yours, your spouse or your children’s names.
  • Not be the same for any of your logins.
  • Never be stored unencrypted on any electronic device.


If you have too many passwords to remember use a password manager:

KeePass Password Safe is a free password manager that encrypts the passwords you store in it and is easy to use.