Securing your network and safeguarding your services.

In today’s ever-changing IT landscape, cybersecurity has become a key-mission for a business’ successful operation, to protect day-to-day operations, network infrastructure and customer data.

However, many businesses do not have the resources or expertise to effectively launch and maintain a consistent, secure cybersecurity program. Consider too that the constantly evolving technology and threats will continue to challenge businesses far into the future, and businesses need to stay on top of those advances.

Our specialised technical team have the tools, knowledge and skillset to effectively mitigate these threats and ensure robust cybersecurity policies are in place and properly maintained. With vast experience, accreditation and continual development and learning, they keep abreast of any recent developments in the industry to maintain our exceptional levels of protection.

Our Process

Our years of experience and knowledge in this field enables our team to effectively assess your operation’s security risk, and produce a comprehensive solution, no matter your industry or size. Using industry-leading hardware and software, we will give you the peace of mind, confident that your business will always be secure and protected.


Transparency is important to us. We always seek to optimise our operations to become more agile and believe this enables us to maintain a fair price for great value services.

Our Cyber Security Services



Backdoor hacks

Where your system can be infiltrated by a vulnerability unbeknown to the user.


Monitors data coming in and out of your network for any malicious activity and prevents unwanted access to your data.


The most common form of attack, where malicious code is downloaded onto your system for a malicious purpose.


A method of tricking users into divulging sensitive information, like passwords, usually via email or SMS.

Anti-Virus Protection

Performs regular checks on your hardware (computers, servers etc.) to ensure no one is accessing your data that shouldn’t be.

DDoS Attacks

‘Distributed Denial-of-Service’ attacks flood your servers with traffic in order to paralyse your entire online operation.

Online DNS monitor

Ensures your website is performing to the best of its ability and isn’t being influenced by outside interference.


Similar to viruses, malware is designed to harm or disrupt your IT infrastructure by pretending to be something else.


A method of encrypting your data, so it’s inaccessible, which is then ransomed for a payment to un-encrypt it.

Anti-Gateway Intrusion

Adds an extra layer of security to prevent hackers from installing software on your devices.

Delivering value to you

Mooncomputers’ portfolio of professional cybersecurity solutions ensure cost-effective protections across your entire IT infrastructure and network, not only to ensure compliance to national and industry standards, but protect your crediblity too.

Our primary concern is always the performance of your business, not just your IT. If you’d like to know more about how Mooncomputers could help your organisation, then please get in touch.