In this blog series, we’re walking you through the major red flags that prompt businesses to move Managed Service Providers, the effects they can have and how to challenge them with your provider.
If you put the security of your network and precious data in the hands of an ‘expert’ and still experience a major breach, you should certainly be concerned…

How breaches may impact your business

Private data in the public domain

Your business could be exposed to potential GDPR fines and legal action.

Business disruption

Customers’ needs cannot be met, leading to churn, rebates and lost sales.

IT system downtime

Especially in ransomware scenarios, your team may not be able to access any systems.

Manhours lost

Instead of serving customers, staff spend time firefighting the effects of the breach.

Lack of customer confidence

Your team will be less trusting of your MSP the next time an issue appears.

Would your business benefit from a proactive, transparent service partner?

When your provider tries to hide behind complex terms or dismiss the issue outright, rather than being open and forthcoming, you should consider this a major red flag. After all, what’s a relationship without trust?

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