Trust is key in business relationships, especially when you’re giving another business complete control and supervision over your IT and Telecoms services!

So, when changes are made, or issues rise to the surface only to vanish, with no explanation at all, is that going to foster more trust or less?

There’s an argument for MSPs and IT support services trying to stay ‘in the background’ as much as possible, but that shouldn’t be the case post-issue!

“Why has that change been made?” “What was the reason for your Connectivity dropping out?”


If you’re not getting answers to similar questions, or even receiving regular updates cataloguing changes, then the impact can be widespread:

Frustration with the service provider

Lack of confidence in the support being provided

Ongoing contractual breaches

Not working with you as a service partner

In a nutshell, it’s your IT system, and you have a right to know everything about it. Especially anything that’s amended or managed by an external partner!

Any lack of transparency on the part of your MSP could be a sign of substandard service, or even them trying to hide their own faults!

Your MSP should be happy to field your queries across every aspect of the services that you pay very good money for. They should also be proud to provide you with regular updates on all they’re doing to constantly optimise and better protect your network!

So, if your mental red flags are starting to wave, maybe it’s time to speak to us and discover how we deliver a level of support that’s out of this world, and in turn, why Mooncomputers is the last Managed Service Provider you’ll ever need!

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