Are you looking to grow your business and make new strategic relationships?

If so, getting Cyber Essentials accredited is one of the easiest ways to show potential partners that you take your Cybersecurity responsibilities seriously, meaning relationships get built faster and new customers know that you’ll keep their data safe.

If you’ve never heard of Cyber Essentials before, take a look at our other blog that goes into the details. But if you just want to know the benefits for you and your business – keep on reading!

Reduce cyber risk by 80%

Aligning with the 5 Cyber Essentials controls will give your business increased protection against common internet-based attacks, minimising the chance of serious damage.

According to’s own stats, approximately 80% of cyberattacks can be mitigated with simple malware protections and firewalls.

Win tenders and new business

Cyber Essentials is required for most public tenders and is becoming increasingly popular in the private sector. Get certified to maximise your chances of winning new tenders.

Getting your accreditation now means no rushing when the perfect partnership comes knocking, and they require CE for their partners!

Cheaper cyber insurance premiums

Achieving Cyber Essentials lets insurance providers know you’re taking action for your cyber security, making it more likely your premium will be lower. You even get a basic policy for free with your Cyber Essentials!

Cyber Essentials accreditation offers a free £25k Cyber Insurance Certificate within 24 hours of passing!

Better client relationships

Getting certified demonstrates to your customers and partners that you’re committed to protecting their data from bad actors.

Cyber Essentials also better protects your business from commercial risks such as GDPR fines.

A better overview of your IT

Cyber Essentials assessments can be a great opportunity to gain a clearer picture of your Infrastructure and address any uncertainties with an internal audit.

Part of the process includes ensuring staff only have access to systems they require and ensuring secure configurations of your systems, meaning you’ll get a bird’s eye view and a thorough understanding of your entire IT stack.

It's simply a good place to start

Cyber Essentials offers businesses an affordable and achievable security baseline, making it a great first step on your cyber security journey, to later complement more advanced solutions if necessary.

As businesses rely on their Connectivity for more aspects of their operations, putting best practices in place now means you have a more solid foundation from which to grow and get ahead of your competitors, as more Cybersecurity challenges emerge!

BONUS: A better night’s sleep

Getting your business Cyber Essentials accredited means you can rest easier, knowing that all your data is safe, and you’re not going to wake up to a muddle of panicked messages about where your customer information has gone!

From IT support to bespoke deployments, our aim is to help you move with the times and adopt the practices that help keep your operation secure. And, as a national IT solutions provider, we’ve gone through it ourselves, so we know what’s involved.

We can help you safeguard your data simply, with multiple options for how much you want us to lead your Cyber Essentials learning, to suit your needs.

Once you’ve gone through self-accreditation, we can then help with the next step of your Cybersecurity journey, Cyber Essentials +, which is quickly becoming the gold standard for UK businesses in proving their Cybersecurity awareness.