dispex / Case Study

Dispex Ltd, established in 2001, actively works with over 700 dispensing doctor practices throughout the UK, as a buying group for vaccines, PPE and other essential medical supplies.


Due to the changes in business practices posed by a global pandemic, and the need to be able to work flexibly anywhere, Dispex looked to move their office based staff, to a remote desktop environment. Considering the increased demands from home workers, the most important aspect of this implementation was to ensure all users had access to Dispex’s centrally managed databases and DTP package.

key benefits

The key benefits for Dispex after deploying the RDS solution were:

Improved remote access to essential information and databases

Reduced reliance on legacy hardware, with a dedicated virtual Server

Cloud back up & dedicated helpdesk support

An estimated 30% reduction in running costs with a simple monthly fee


After consultation and investigation, Moon Computers’ Remote Desktop Service (RDS) was recommended. This would allow external users, wherever they were based, to log into a terminal Server and access the key software applications and data.

The RDS solution works on a virtual Server, with a monthly subscription fee per user, to ensure exceptional responsiveness and future scalability. A virtual Server hosts the critical software and data, coupled with a Cloud back up of all data located within our dedicated Datacentre, which can be accessed by a remote desktop over a VPN.

Mooncomputers’ dedicated helpdesk was also ready at a moment’s notice for any additional requirements or issues. This not only meant a lower cost of ownership and storage costs, without the need for expensive hardware, but ultimately peace of mind for Dispex’s staff.


Dispex can now work more effectively and efficiently from anywhere within the UK, ensuring a secure and productive workforce. The implementation process was quick and seamless, with users up and running in less than 24 hours.

For Dispex, their favourite benefit is the peace of mind in knowing that their system is fast and efficient, and all data is secured. That assurance is even greater with Moon Computers’ helpdesk support on hand, if and when required; ideal for businesses requiring flexible remote working solutions without the hassle and high price tag.

Delivering value to you

Moon Computers understands just how important it is that your business stays online, and that if things go wrong, you have a speedy recovery process to minimise the possible effect on your operation.

Our primary concern is always the performance of your business, not just your IT. If you’d like to know more about how Moon Computers could help your organisation, then please get in touch.