Bis Henderson / Case Study

Recruitment specialists Bis Henderson were experiencing issues with existing IT architecture which were impacting productivity. DataCenter on Demand™ technology from Rise enabled the company to focus more on its business, giving them the confidence that their technology Infrastructure would meet and exceed any future needs.

The challenge: greater productivity, lower costs

Bis Henderson is a firm of supply chain recruitment specialists based in Northampton. Senior executives spend much of their time in London, on the road, or at client offices across the country.

The company’s IT facilities were based on a three-Server Infrastructure located at its Northampton base. However, Connectivity was poor between London, Northampton and remote users. Secondly, performance and scalability issues were impacting productivity both in the office and when working at remote locations. Inadequate IT systems were undermining Bis Henderson’s ability to provide a best-in-class service to its customers.

As the need for a more fluid, robust and upgradeable system became apparent, the organisation turned to the IT services supplier Mooncomputers, also based in Northampton.

key benefits

A flexible, cost-effective Infrastructure which responds to the needs of the business

Service and resources that can be changed as required, scaling up for peaks in demand and down when no longer required

The ability to stay on top of data growth by upgrading storage capacities only when needed

Responsive professional support and operational management, provided by Mooncomputers

Immediately Availability of new services, helping improve future development and security

More flexible access from smartphones, tablets and other devices

The solution: bring on Cloud

Following a consultation period, the Mooncomputers produced a full IT analysis report. The report recommended that all three servers be moved to a flexible, Cloud-based platform. This solution offered better flexibility, performance, reliability and scalability, as well as supporting a broad set of capabilities that could be provisioned as the company’s needs evolved.

Using the Rise platform, Mooncomputers was able to migrate Bis Henderson’s existing IT Infrastructure into the Cloud quickly and efficiently.

Benefits – Cloud clears the skies for SMBs

The DataCenter on Demand™ platform has given Bis Henderson the flexibility and scalability to respond to their current and future requirements without compromising data security or increasing risk.

In summary, using the DataCenter on Demand™ platform has meant that Bis Henderson’s focus on their core business has improved, removing the frustrations and distractions that stem from operating inadequate on-premise IT systems.


Bis Henderson are now seeing improvements that enable its staff to focus on their core recruitment business, providing customers with a faster and more efficient service.

The new, Cloud-based configuration is also more cost-effective. Capital costs remain minimal, while Bis Henderson’s operational overheads are based on the service that they use. Furthermore, they now benefit from the option of upgrading or downgrading quickly without unnecessary charges and all configuration and support is handled efficiently by Mooncomputers, relieving pressure on internal staff.

Delivering value to you

Moon Computers understands just how important it is that your business stays online, and that if things go wrong, you have a speedy recovery process to minimise the possible effect on your operation.

Our primary concern is always the performance of your business, not just your IT. If you’d like to know more about how Moon Computers could help your organisation, then please get in touch.