Has there ever been a charge on your invoice you weren’t expecting?

That’s a clear red flag that your Managed Service Provider is either trying to pull the wool over your eyes or hasn’t got the knowledge and planning skills to accurately estimate your costs!

A good Managed Service Provider (MSP) will offer an all-inclusive service, the cost of which will clearly be laid out at the beginning of the contract, to prevent:

The impact of hidden IT charges

  • More fractious relationship
  • Loss of profit/headcount
  • Inaccurate budget planning
  • Lack of completion across projects
  • Ongoing contractual breaches
  • Costly service you’re not getting

There’s simply no need for surprises!

If the contract allows for excess charges (for upgrading equipment, or callouts beyond a certain number), that’s fine, but the charge amount and underlying cause should be clearly explained to you before any purchase is made or any work is undertaken.

Transparency is everything in the very best of MSP-client relationships.

Would your business benefit from a proactive, transparent service partner?

Here at Mooncomputers, we’re as open and transparent as deep space in everything we do because we want our clients to trust us and our recommendations.

It’s our mission to ensure you get value for money and an ongoing return on your investment, so we let you know every cost and possibility so that you can make the right decision for your business meaning you will never be surprised.

Once you’re partnered with Mooncomputers, we want you to stay with us, not feel forced to carry on a contract until its end. That’s how we build long-term trust and a relationship and ensure your business can ‘blast off’ to reach its full potential.

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